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Again, we are assuming that this female's minimum profitable bid will still yield her a fitness benefit greater than that available to her if she were to find a mate elsewhere. How well does paternity confidence match actual paternity? In particular, they shed light on our basic programming for sexual politics and cooperative behavior. And evolutionary psychologists are not surprised at all by the fact that, despite the excellent press that change is given, almost everyone resists it—except when they are dissatisfied. Human Sex Differences How do nature and nurture conspire to produce average differences between men and women?
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The Conversation

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Evolution Expert: ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Doesn’t Explain Sexual Harassment

While certain kinds of experiments are unethical or impractical with human subjects, many other kinds of experiments can be conducted ethically and without great difficulty. The winning female will be the female that, when she makes her minimum profitable bid, would potentially yield higher offspring success for the male. Please review our privacy policy. But when it comes to gossip, it may be that managing by wandering about is the most effective way to communicate, as long as it is performed in a climate of trust and openness. As an additional challenge, humans exhibit a rather puzzling combination of traits. As sexual harassment and other unwanted behaviors are often viewed through the lens of evolution, we should remember that natural selection has also promoted the evolution of positive behaviors that are unique to humans and only a handful of other primates. Like their female counterparts, males also use visual information about a potential mate, as well as voice, body shape, and an assortment of other factors in selecting a partner.
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Evolution, Natural Selection Don't Explain Sexual Harassment | Time

Further, the drive to act friendly can make delivering bad news—about performance, for instance—very difficult. Their descendants, with this genetic inheritance, would therefore also be more likely to avoid loss. This occurs as a result of males adjusting their resource incentives according to their own quality and the mate value of the female. For example, among 31 forager populations in the SCCS, the percentage of married men with more than one wife varied considerably range: If evolution is all about the survival of the fittest, why are people usually quite nice to each other?
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In addition, the MCT 1 and 2 predicts that the value of all of a female's mates should increase as a function of her own value. Indeed, any kind of change is risky when you are comfortable with the status quo. As a species, we have not shed the influence of evolution by natural selection — both bad and good. Thus, the concentration of resources in food-producing societies greatly increases the potential for reproductive success in men, but not women. Hamilton puzzled over this, as part of the larger puzzle of why showy traits evolved in presumably monogamous species, such as many songbirds:
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